Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku ~ Second Service continues the matches from the previous musical and covers the singles matches of Seigaku against rival school, Rikkai Dai Fuzoku.

Guest stars members of Rokkaku and Higa. In showings for Rokkaku appearances were based on a schedule: Kawahara Kazuma was the only permanent member for the performance while another member was placed for a specific showing or day.

This is the graduation performance for the third-generation Seigaku cast. The parting from the productions applied to every member except for Yanagishita Tomo (who stays as an alternate), Hara MasakiKawamoto Ryo, and Eguchi Koichi.  This is one only graduation that doesn't appear in the official DVD, but rather it appears in the Supporters DVD for the third cast.

Ran from August 2 to September 7, 2007.