Released July 26, 2006, Seigaku 2nd and 3rd cast member Aiba Hiroki as Fuji Shusuke was the third to get a Best Actors Series CD.

Tsubasa no Kizuna

  • 翼の絆 

Shootin' Your Smile

Yume no Kidou

  • 夢の軌道

Instrumental ~ Fuji vs. Ryoma

  • Instrumental~不二VSリョーマ 

Yume Wo Tsunage ~ Shusuke Solo Edition

  • 夢をつなげ

Hand in Hand

Instrumental ~Fuji vs. Akutagawa

  • Instrumental ~不二 vs 芥川

DL3 Kira Kira Version

  • DL3 KIRA★KIRA ver

Instrumental ~Fuji vs. Mizuki

  • Instrumental ~不二 vs 観月

Run Run Run - Bro. Edition

  • ラン・ラン・ラン

Aiba Hiroki & KENN Message For You

  • 相葉弘樹&KENN Message for you


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