Originally written as ミュージカル『テニスの王子様』

ベストアクターズシリーズ 004

斎藤 工 as 忍足侑士 & 青柳塁斗 as 向日岳人

Released July 26, 2006, Hyotei's Saito Takumi and Aoyagi Ruito as Oshitari Yuushi and Mukahi Gakuto, appeared in the fourth Best Actors Series CD. They were the first doubles pair to record one.

Instrumental ~ On My Way DL3 Ver.

  • Instrumental ~ On My Way DL3ver.

Katsu no wa Hyotei

  • 勝つのは氷帝

Do Your Best!  (Rap Version)

  • Do Your Best!・・・RAP!ver.

Instrumental ~ Kounai Ranking Sen

  • Instrumental ~ 校内ランキング戦

Instrumental ~ Kawabe Ni Te

  • Instrumental ~ 川辺にて

Makezu Kirai (Yuushi And Gakuto Edition)

  • 負けず嫌い・・・Yushi and Gakuto Edition

Bohemian Blue

Jump To It!

  • Jump to it!!

Missing Piece


Saito Takumi & Aoyagi Ruito Message For You

  • 斎藤 工&青柳塁斗 Message for you


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