Released December 16, 2006, Sakurada Dori as Echizen Ryoma was the fifth to record a Best Actors CD.

On the last track of the CD, Minami Keisuke, who plays the third-generation Seigaku cast's Tezuka Kunimitsu, cameos with Sakurada.

I Want It All

No Myself No Life

Eien no Baton

  • 永遠のバトン

Instrumental ~Ryoma vs. Hiyoshi~

  • Instrumental ~リョーマ vs 日吉

My Best Tension

  • マイベストテンション

Instrumental ~Kawamura-Momoshiro vs. Amane-Kurobane II~

  • Instrumental ~河村・桃城 vs 天根・黒羽Ⅱ

Instrumental ~Kaidoh vs. Aoi~

  • Instrumental ~海堂 vs 葵

Forward, My Men! ... RK Edition


Sakurada Dori & Minami Keisuke Message For You

  • 桜田 通&南 圭介 Message for you


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