Released December 16, 2006, Shiozaki Airu and Shindo Gaku as Amane Hikaru and Kurobane Harukaze in the first-generation Rokkaku cast released the 6th Best Actors CD, being the second doubles pair releasing one.

Dabi-Bane Dansu

  • ダビバネダンス

Gouin Ni Going My Way



Court de Aou! ~D2 Edition~

  • コートで会おう!・・・D2 Edition

Instrumental ~Kawamura/Momoshiro vs. Amane/Kurobane~

  • Instrumental ~河村・桃城 vs 天根・黒羽Ⅰ

Shaba daba Dabide

  • シャバダバダビデ

Instrumental ~Fuji/Kikumaru vs. Saeki/Itsuki~

  • Instrumental ~不二・菊丸 vs 佐伯・樹

Instrumental ~Acrobatics and Genius~

  • Instrumental ~アクロバティック&ジーニアス

Forward, My Men!Try Again ~ Dabi-Bane Edition

  • Forward, my men! ~TRY AGAIN・・・DA・VI・BA・NE Edition

IRE & Shindo Gaku Message For You

  • IRE&新藤 学 Message for you


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