Released July 25, 2007, Nakagauchi Masataka and Baba Toru as Niou Masaharu and Yagyuu Hiroshi in Rikkai A, appear for the 8th edition of the Best Actors Series.

Summer Breeze


Jibun wo Shinjite

  • 自分を信じて

I Should


Depend on Me

  • Depend on me … Rikkai D1 Edition

Instrumental ~ Ryoma vs. Kirihara ~

  • Instrumental ~リョーマ vs 切原Ⅰ

Instrumental ~ Momoshiro & Kaidoh vs. Kuwahara & Marui II ~

  • Instrumental ~桃城・海堂 vs 桑原・丸井Ⅰ

Petenshi daa? Nanto demo ie

  • ペテン師だぁ?何とでも言え

Instrumental ~Oishi & Kikumaru vs. Niou & Yagyuu II~

  • Instrumental ~大石・菊丸 vs 仁王・柳生Ⅱ

Must be Strong! ~ Finalist [Rikkai D1 Edition]

  • Must be strong ~Finalist … Rikkai D1 Edition

Nakagauchi Masataka & Baba Toru Message for you

  • 中河内雅貴&馬場 徹 Message for you


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