Released December 22, 2007, Yagami Ren and Kanesaki Kentarou as Yukimura Seiichi and Sanada Genichirou released the ninth Best Actors Series CD.

They were the first non-canon doubles pair to release a CD.



Hatsukoi (First Love)

  • 初恋

Instrumental ~ Inui vs. Yanagi

  • Instrumental~乾 VS 柳

Makeru koto no Yurusarenai Ouja ~ Hijou no Tennis

  • 負けることの許されない王者~非情のテニス

Instrumental ~ Fuji vs. Kirihara

  • Instrumental~不二 VS 切原

Instrumental ~ Ryoma vs. Sanada

  • Instrumental~リョーマ VS 真田

Kimi wo Shinjiteru (I Believe in You)

  • 君を信じてる

Mou Mayoi wa Nai (No More Hesitation)

  • もう迷いはない

Kanesaki Kentarou & Yagami Ren Message for you

  • 兼崎健太郎&八神 蓮 Message for you


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