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Best Actor Series 012 features Luke C. as Kite Eishirou.

This Best Actors Series CD was released on July 30, 2008 and is the last of the collection.

Dead or Alive


Minami no Shima kara kita Shikaku

  • 南の島から来た刺客

Instrumental~ Ryoma vs. Tanishi I

  • Instrumental~リョーマVS田仁志Ⅰ

Dark Horse

  • ダークホース

Ore wa Koroshiya to Yobareru Otoko

  • 俺は殺し屋と呼ばれた男

Instrumental~Kikumaru vs. Kai

  • Instrumental~菊丸VS甲斐

Instrumental~FujiKawamura vs. HirakobaChinen II

  • Instrumental~不二・河村VS知念・平古場Ⅱ


No Tears

Luke C. Message for You

  • Luke.C Message for You


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