'Boku wa Dare?' (僕は誰? Boku wa dare?) which translates into 'Who am I?' is performed in:

Boku wa dare? Koko wa doko?
Are wa nani? Ima wa itsu?

Boku wa dare? Kore wa nani?

Nanika wo hatakitsubusu tame no dougu na no?

Boku wa dare? Nani no tame?

Aruiteru? Mokuteki wa?

Boku wa dare? Naze hitori?

Kono BALL wa nanika wo kowasu tame na no ka?

僕は誰? ここはどこ?
あれはなに? いまはいつ?

僕は誰? これは何?


僕は誰? 何のため?

歩いてる? 目的は?

僕は誰? なぜ一人?


Who am I? Where am I?
What is that? When is now?

Who am I? What is this?

Is this a tool to crush something?

Who am I? For what reason?

Walking? What’s the goal?

Who am I? Why alone?

Is this BALL meant to destroy something?


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