Dream Live 5th is the fifth live concert, guest starring members of Higa, Rikkai, Rokkaku, Hyotei, Yamabuki, St. Rudolph, Fudomine and Hyotei.

This is the graduation show for Yanagishita Tomo, who alternated for Kaidoh Kaoru portrayer, Hirata Yuuichirou. Additionally, this was the last performance for Seigaku actors Ogasawara Hiroaki, Hara Masaki, and Kawamoto Ryo as well as the final appearance of Rikkai A and Rokkaku 1st (as a cast).

Dream Live 5th ran from May 17 to May 18, 2008 in Tokyo and from May 24 to May 25, 2008 in Osaka.


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