Ikegami Shouma
Now - TeniMyu
Japanese Name 池上 翔馬 (いけがみ しょうま)
Romaji Ikegami Shouma
Born In Saitama, Japan
Birthday November 12, 1984
Age 32
Character Itsuki Marehiko
Generation Rokkaku 1st
Previous N/A
Next Hashimoto Shinichi

Shouma Ikegami (池上翔馬 Ikegami Shouma), born on November 12, 1984, was a Japanese actor from Saitama, Japan.

He's a graduate of Tokyo University within the Department of Agriculture. During his time in college Ikegami acted in various plays and TV series alongside his studies.

In fear that his slowly degrading health from acting and other factors would impact his education and personal life, he left his agency in May 15, 2009.

In TeniMyu Ikegami played the role of Itsuki Marehiko as a part of the first-generation Rokkaku cast.



  • 風に成り風に在り(主演・スサノオ)
  • 灰とダイヤモンド


  • CX 「プロポーズ大作戦」第2話
  • 東北新社 「暗闇から闇へ」(高田敦)
  • バイラルムービー「みんかぶムービー」(携帯電話サイト配信・webムービー)
  • ラジオ日本 「敏と直樹と丈二のガッツリナイト」(ゲスト出演)
  • CX 「熱血!平成教育学院」(2008年3月2日、2008年6月1日、2008年6月29日放送)


1st: Kawahara KazumaIrei KanataKato RyosukeShiozaki AiruShindo GakuIkegami Shouma
2nd: Yoshida DaikiUtsumi DaisukeHirose DaisukeKimura AtsushiMotokawa ShotaHashimoto Shinichi

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