'Iyo Iyo Kensshou, Totaikai' (いようよ決 勝、都大会 Iyou yo ke~tsu shō,-to taikai), also known as 'At Last, the Prefecture Tournament Finals', is performed in:

Ya ya minna genki?

Yo yo minna notteru kai?

Ore Horio

Boku Kachiroh

Boku Katsuo

Aikawarazu no sannin kumi sa korekara mo yoroshiku ne

Saa saa totaikai no kouhansen haran fukumide hajimatta

Junkesshou dai ichi shiai Fudomine VERSUS Yamabuki

Kaijou ni kuru tochuu jiko ni atta Fudomine MEMBER

Shiai tochuu de kiken wo shichatta yo

Odoroitayo ne bikkuri shichatta yo ne

Kesshou shinshutsu Yamabuki chuu

Wareraga Seigaku no junkesshou wa donna aite to taisen da

Junkesshou dai ni shiai Ginkachuu VERSUS Seigaku

Ginkachuu no MEMBER shiai kaishi no aisatsu no toki ni

Haraga itai to kiken wo shichatta yo

Zukkoketayo ne zenin fukutsu ka yo

Kesshou shinshutsu warera Seigaku

Ho ho machi ni matta

Ye Ye todaikai kesshou

Seigaku VERSUS Yamabuki

Warera ga Seigaku zettai yuushou machigainashi!

ヤーヤ みんな元気?

ヨーヨー みんな乗ってるかい?

俺 堀尾

僕 カチロー

僕 カツオ

相変わらずの3人組さ これからもよろしくね

さあさあ 都大会の後半戦 波乱含みで始まった

準決勝 第一試 不動峰バーサス山吹

会場に来る途中 事故にあった不動峰メンバー 試合途中で 棄権をしちゃったよ

驚いたよね びっくりしちゃったよね

決勝進出 山吹中









我らが 青学の準決勝は どんな相手と対戦だ?

準決勝 第二試合銀華中バー指す青学

銀華中のメンバー 試合開始の挨拶の時に 腹が痛いと 棄権をしちゃったよ

ずっこけたよね 全員腹廳痛かよ

決勝進出 我ら青学

ホーホー 待ちに待った

イェイェ 部大会決勝


我らが青学 絶対優勝 間違いなし!

Yaa yaa, is everyone okay?

Yoo yoo, is everyone present?

I'm Horio

I'm Kachirou

I'm Katsuo

As usual we're with the 3 of us. 

From now on too, please cheer for us!

Saa saa, the second half of the Prefectural tournament started with an uproar

The first semi-final match, Fudomine versus Yamabuki

On the way to the tennis grounds (ah, a cat) they got in an accident.
So the Fudomine members had to give up in the middle of the match.

It's unexpected, isn't it?

It's surprising, isn't it?

Yamabuki advanced to the Finals

And about our Seigaku's semi-final, what kind of opponent did the face?

The second semi-final match, Ginka versus Seigaku

Ginka's members had to give up, because their stomachs hurt

It's stupid, isn't it?

All members had a stomach ache!

Our Seigaku advanced to the Finals

Hoo Hoo, we waited for a long time

Yee Yee, for the prefectural tournaments final

Seigaku versus Yamabuki

Our Seigaku will win without doubt!


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