Konomi Takeshi
Japanese Name 許斐 剛 (このみ たけし)
Born In Kawachinagano, Osaka, Japan
Age 47
Birthday June 26, 1970

Takeshi Konomi (許斐 剛 Konomi Takeshi), born on June 26, 1970, is a Japanese manga artist from Osaka, Japan. Currently he resides in Chiba with his wife.

In 1999, after several small manga projects, he published his first massively successful series called 'The Prince of Tennis' (テニスの王子様). Within two years, its anime adaption was created and following that, in 2003 Musical Prince of Tennis, also known as TeniMyu (テニミュ) was established to support his rapidly expanding fanbase. Many adaptions of The Prince of Tennis has been made as well, notably a live-action movie, a Chinese drama, and a comic series; all of which Konomi has showed public support for.

After closing the 379-chaptered manga series that spurted him into fame, a sequel named 'The New Prince of Tennis' (新テニスの王子様) was announced, though unlike its predecessor would be published monthly instead of weekly.

Manga Works

  • 鉄人〜世界一固い男〜 [1993]
  • The Prince of Tennis [1999-2008]
  • The New Prince of Tennis [2009-]
  • Moon Walker LTD [2010; 2013]


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