A compilation of four TeniMyu performance recordings starting from The Progressive Match to The Final Match Rikkai First.

In comparison to the previous set, this one features the fifth-generation Seigaku cast instead of the fourth.

This is the last CD-BOX of the collection. It was released May 20, 2010.


Disc Recording

  1. The Progressive Match Higa feat. Rikkai
  2. The Imperial Presence Hyotei feat. Higa (Ver. 5th Seigaku Cast and Hyotei B )
  3. The Treasure Match Shitenhoji feat. Hyotei (Ver. 5th Seigaku Cast and Shitenhoji B )
  4. The Final Match Rikkai First feat. Shitenhoji

Special Disk


  • BOX drawn illustrations
  • TeniMyu Data Booklet
  • Prints CD covers past 2nd


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